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A Buyer’s Guide to Crowson Actuators and Amplifiers

April 18th, 2016

When setting up a home theater, an actuator and amplifier are key to creating the ultimate movie-watching experience. Actuators and amplifiers work in conjunction to add subtle realism to home theater seating. At Elite Home Theater Seating we’ve partnered with Crowson Technology to offer our client’s the best 4D cinematic experience in their very home. … Read more »

A Buyer’s Guide to Foam Density in Home Theater Seating

April 15th, 2016

Our clients expect a lot from our premium home theater seating, but undoubtedly one of the top priorities we hear from clients is “comfort.” We anticipated this, and comfort is part of the Elite Home Theater Seating “Diamond Standard,” or what we call the 4 C’s. Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization and Customer Service. Comfort is essential… Read more »

Most Popular Layout Styles for Theater Chairs & Auditorium Seating

April 12th, 2016
David Seidl Theater layout 2

Designing theater seating for your home or commercial setting should be an enjoyable experience. At Elite Home Theater Seating, all of our designs and layouts are customizable to best meet your needs. We also have many popular layouts that can assist with the design or serve as a springboard for the creative process. To list… Read more »

Custom Home Theater Seating: Storage Compartments and Customized Swivel Tray Storage Compartments

April 9th, 2016

Elite Home Theater Seating offers a variety of customizable options for your home theater seating design. From the material your chairs are made with, to the dimensions, styles, colors, and features, there are plenty of options to choose from. For an extra splash of home comfort and leisure, we offer the ability to equip your… Read more »

The Elite HTS Difference: How We Create Custom Designed Home Theater Seats Based on Your Height Requirements and Other Preferences

April 6th, 2016

At Elite Home Theater Seating, all of our products are top of the line and customizable during the design process. Our engineering and construction methods are precise and thorough, allowing us to cater to individualized requests for your theater chairs including foam density, embroidery, piping, layout, and height requirements. When you begin designing your home… Read more »

Get Your Home Theater Seating Today Before the Summer Olympics

April 3rd, 2016

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio quickly approaching, it is a great opportunity to make sure that your set-up for the events is top of the line. Instead of your friends and family crowding one another on the sofa, why not enjoy the games from the comfort of our elite home theater chairs where… Read more »

Enjoy an Optimal Viewing Experience with Luxury Home Theater Seating

March 31st, 2016
Model C1 with optional adjusting headrest.
Excellent lumbar support and comfort

Those who really love movies and quality television know that part of these joys is being able to escape from everyday life for a couple of hours and completely immerse themselves in the world being presented on screen. You may also know how difficult it is to achieve this level of escapism while trying to… Read more »

Logos: Embroidery & Digitization

March 29th, 2016
D3 Black Onyx with embroidery and piping in Silk Leather with custom storage

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we offer some of the most luxurious upholstery available in the world today – Valentino leather, Silk leather, and CineSuede. We also offer the C.O.M. (Customer’s Own Material) and COL (Customer’s Own Leather) options for upholstery, which enables us to assist customers in designing their own theater seating on a… Read more »

A Buyer’s Guide to the Elite Home Theater Seating 10 Year Warranty

March 17th, 2016
Features a classy wooden accent
available in various colours

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we are very proud of what we do for a living. We believe that we provide the best home theater seats in the world, and after 12 years, we’ve refined and polished our service so that it surpasses all expectations and provides you with an optimal viewing experience in your… Read more »

Find a Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Home Theater Seating System from Elite HTS

March 15th, 2016
Features sliding, hidden cupholders
with Macassar Ebony Wood Trim

While we often tend to emphasize the luxurious aspects of our theater seats, such as fine woods, Valentino leathers, custom embroidery, etc., we would also like to introduce to you the features of the seating we offer that are particularly well suited for pets and children. We understand that children and pets need a safe,… Read more »