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Commercial Movie Theater Chairs

For VIP Cinemas, Auditoriums, and Arenas

In addition to residential theater seating, we also offer auditorium style commercial seating for commercial venues. Many of our residential recliner designs can be modified and customized into auditorium style seating.

For example, in the image shown below, Model C1, has been modified from a 36” wide residential recliner into a narrower 24” wide auditorium style chair.

A modified Model C5 shown below. Many additional Colors and Materials to choose from. Please contact us for sample requests.

For VIP, commercial venues with 75 or fewer seats, our larger, residential theater chairs have also been used with great success and satisfaction. Below are two VIP Cinema installations which we have recently completed.

We can also provide a complimentary 3d Layout of your auditorium seating as shown here.

If you would like us to create a 3d Layout for you, please tell us more about your project so that we may better assist you.

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