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Custom Feature Spotlight: iPad Holder

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Add an iPad holder to your custom theater chair

ipad holder


At Elite, we believe in giving you the most luxurious home theater experience imaginable. One of our innovative features is the iPad holder that works easily with our custom home theater chairs.

No longer do you need to look up and down as you are trying to watch a show while surfing on your iPad. This accessory slides in and out of the existing cup holder on the armrest of your cinema seat.

The iPad holder holds your tablet snugly in place with its adjustable arms and rubberized pins. It also has full rotation capabilities, so you can share your screen with the people around you in your media room.

With the iPad holder, you’ll never again have to strain your neck when checking Facebook, reading articles, playing games, or Face Timing with your loved ones.

We strive to provide the utmost in comfort and excellence. Add an iPad holder to your order and experience it for yourself.

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