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Customizing Your Chair With Elite HTS

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Here at Elite Home Theater Seating we emphasize why our chairs are of the finest quality and the best on the market. Previously, we’ve discussed the foam density, the fabric choices we have, the fine craftsmanship, and the ten year warranty. All of these reasons as well as others can be found on our website. We also have an interactive seat customizer on our site for you to use.  Today we want to focus on how many options you have to customize our chairs to your specifications.

Arm Style: We have ten different arm styles to choose from. Style D has a classic design while style A & J have modern sloping styles. Each arm style comes with a cupholders, all made from top quality metals that are scratch and chip resistant. Arm Style F has hidden cupholders for those of you that like to have an alternative to the visible cupholder.

Back Rest: There are eight designs to choose from. An adjustable head rest is one option and if this isn’t your style, there are others dependent on your preference and body type.

Fabric and Colour:We have three fabrics to choose from, Valentino Leather, Silk Leather, and Cine-Suede. If you would like to use your own fabric, that is also an option. Each fabric style has numerous colours to choose from. From traditional colours like black, white, and blue or more unique like seagull blue, rust, grape, sienna, etc. the amount of colour choices will suit your style and preference.

Foam Density: With three foam density choices, soft, medium, and firm, you can customize to your preference. Each density is of the highest quality low memory foam which will supply comfort and support for many years.

Accessories: We have great options to choose from with swivel trays, custom storage compartments, and the Crowson TES 100, a blog we did recently can be seen here. Each chair comes with a motorized reclining mechanism for premium comfort.

With so many options, any chair purchased from us will be unique in your home theater. Watch the video below for a dmonstration on how our seat customizer works.

For more information or if you would like a brochure please contact us at the following:

Canadian Head Office
Unit 406, 17665 66A Ave.
Surrey, BC V3S 2A7
Tel.  604-575-8310
Fax. 604-575-8329

U.S. Head Office
1927 Boblett Street
Blaine, WA 98230
Tel. 1-800-490-1595

email: [email protected]



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