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Our Exclusive Dark Knight Themed Room

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Our newest themed room is dedicated to The Dark Knight, a $2 million custom theater in Greenwich, CT. The completion date is set for November 2012.

In order to gain access to this room, one must enter a secret elevator situated behind a grandfather clock. Once inside the elevator, a fingerprint scan is the only way to access The Dark Knight, 12,000 sq/ft Wayne Manor room below. The Dark Knight batcave is equipped with a 180′ screen, (yes that is humongous), with two life-size batsuits on each side of the screen, (there are six life life-size batsuits throughout the room).  The first picture is a view looking towards the screen and the second picture shows the rear of the theater, (with the large gas fireplace and “Bat-computer” stations on each side).  Click on both pictures for a full size view. The details are spectacular.

The home theater seats are race car inspired and could easily fit the theme of the Batmobile. Speaking of the Batmobile, there is a hidden gem behind the bookshelves in the second picture. A secret book must be pulled in order to activate the bookshelves to open revealing a life-sized replica of the Batmobile, (15′ long & 10′ wide as seen in the third picture).

Elite HTS’s CEO, Bobby Bala, explains where the idea came from to design this room. “The Dark Knight themed custom home theater was actually a design concept we did free of charge for one of our previous clients, mainly just for fun. Personally, I’m a huge Batman fan and with a background in CG animation, we were able to finish up the design within a couple weeks. Before starting, I told this particular client we’d do the design as long as he promised to buy the home theater seating from us, which he did”.

PR Web released our official press release today. Read the official press release for detailed information on our exclusive Dark Knight home theater room which can be viewed here. For a brochure or for more information on this or any other questions you may have please contact us from the links below:

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