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DIY Home Theater

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Home owners take pride in renovating their houses themselves. Over the years home improvement stores are in every city, from the small towns to the big metropolis’.  TV shows like Extreme Makeover:Home Edition and Holmes on Homes are also fan favourites with strong weekly viewerships. A home theater can be done on a budget and it’s not true that only the mega-rich can afford to have one. For the DIY home theater builders amoungst us, here are some tips to get your home theater up and running.


1) Designate your room:  Once you know exactly which room you’re going to convert to your home theater, you can start assembling your room. This may sound obvious but it’s important. Since you will be spending an ample amount of time in this room, you want to ensure the location in your house is ideal.

2) TV or projector: Dependant on the size of the room and what you prefer, choose wisely. You’ll be staring at this for hours at a time so make sure you buy something that you will enjoy watching.

3) Backlighting: In order to create a sense of depth to your home theater, add a back light to your TV. You’ll have less strain on your eyes

4) Receiver: Buy a receiver that can support your home theater equipment, (speakers, blu-ray player, TV, etc). Ensure the power you want is enough for you needs.

5) Speakers: A necessity to a home theater is to have great audio. Do some research and find the best for your needs. Too much can be annoying, get what’s needed.

6) Blu-ray player: Blu-ray is the best way to watch a movie or event. The visual quality is far superior to standard DVD players.

7) Wiring: Run your wires so it’s not visible to anyone. If you need professional assistance with your wiring, please ensure you get someone that will do this properly. You don’t want to start a fire because of faulty wiring.

8) Seating: This is of major importance! Comfort and layout play a key role in your home theater. Not only do you want to sit comfortable you want to ensure your seating compliments your room. The size of your room and the style of seating have to compliment each other.

9) Layout: You want to be comfortable and able to view your TV/projector. Sight lines are an important element to consider. Nobody wants their view blocked.

10) Theme: The theme does not have to be like our Dark Knight theater but a constant theme is important. Colour, fabric (seating fabric plays a role), pillows, wall colour, and wall artwork all have to be universal. Pick your theme and design around it.

The HGTV clip above shows you an ideal DIY home theater situation and the outcome is great. You can cut costs down and do it on a budget. Do your research and look online for deals before you get started on building your home theater room. We can stress enough how important this decision is because you will be spending ample amount of time in your home theater so make it enjoyable for you and your family. Have fun with it and let us know how you did it. Pictures and video are more than welcome, we’d love to showcase it.

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