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Elite HTS Accessory Spotlight: Removable iPad Holder

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There are many customizable options available to you through Elite Home Theater Seating so you may ensure your home cinema is exact to your specific comfort and style.  In addition to customization, Elite offers a wide range of accessories as well to help spruce up your home theater. From swivel trays to under glow lighting, these accessories are sure to make your guests’ jaws drop.

One of Elite Home Theater Seating’s most popular chair accessories is the high-end Removable iPad Holder:

home theater seating

The removable iPad holder is a sleek device designed to hold your iPad or tablet while you relax in our comfortable recliners. As useful as iPad’s and tablets may be, they can sometimes be awkward to use as both hands are required to operate the device. Additionally, when the iPad or tablet users places the technology down on a table or their lap, this can cause neck straining after a period of time, and no one wants that!

By purchasing Elite’s exquisite iPad holder, you’ve opened the door to operate the device at ease and give yourself optimal use. The iPad holder adjusts to any iPad size, pivots forward and backward, as well as rotates 360 degrees. This means you and your guests may use your gadgets horizontally or vertically, while lounging in your Home Theater.

home theater seating

Many of our clients purchase the holder to read the last eBook, play the latest games, or manage their work or other personal communications. In addition, consider working with your local AV company to integrate Home Theater commands in your iPad, such as operating the lights, enforcing security, and even adjusting the volume to the big screen television stretched out in front of you.

Leisure is at your finger tips! but don’t hold us responsible if you’re unable to get your guests to leave your new Home Cinema as they fall in love with the ease and sophistication of your new theater seats andiPad holder.



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