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Smart phones and tablets can make your home theater interactive. Here is a list of a few fun apps for you to try.

1) iMaster Control Pro is a full functioning remote where you can use your smart phone or tablet into control your entire home theater system 2) RedEye controls your home theater system that has an extensive online database to provide control codes for numerous devices through a WiFi signal
3) Logitech Squeezebox Controller  is an app that plays Internet radio or digital audio across a home network
4) Remote HD costs $5.00 that controls your Mac, PC, & Apple TV directly from your iPhone.
5) Plex puts your TV, video, music, & photos accessible through your smart phone. iTunes, Netflix and 200 various sources are all at the palm of your hand

6) Dijit allows you to replace all remotes you use in your house. You can even share what you are watching, listening to, or something you find interesting directly to Facebook and Twitter
7) Remote controls your Apple TV directly from your iPhone or iPad. This app is free!
8) DirectTV can be accessed via your smart phone and tablet and set to record shows even when you’re not at home
9) Home Theater Glossary won’t control your home theater but it will help you with terminology while you try to purchase your home theater system. This $3.00 app is only available on the Android system
10) i.TV is only for the iPhone or iPad. This digital TV guide will allow you access to what is available on cable, iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu

With smart phones and tablets increasing popularity, on a daily basis, using some of these apps to control your home theater system is extremely convenient. There is no need for multiple remotes that can be confusing to use. Each app we’ve listed has a direct link to download or view customer comments. Just click on the highlighted name to access each page. If you use any of these apps, we would love to hear what you think of them.

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