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Home Theater Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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Christmas time can be very expensive and we all know home theater equipment and supplies can have high price points. However there are necessities everyone with a home theater needs that won’t break the bank. On December 5th, last week, we looked at four home theater gift ideas. All the items listed were great but can be over budget for some people. This week, let’s look at items that won’t cost you too much.

1) HDMI Cables: Home theater and HDMI cables go hand in hand and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. HDMI cables can cost as low as $0.83 (any liquidator or dollar stores and even on Amazon). Of course if you want gold plated, longer wires, and a high end brand name, the cost can increase substantially. However, HDMI cables are a big part of home theaters and is a great gift idea.

2) DVD Movies: If you’re looking to buy holiday movies, TV shows, music concerts, sci-fi, horror, or comedies, movies also make a great gift. With prices as low as $3.00 and up, you have a wide selection to choose from. Click here for some great Christmas movies from Amazon.

3) Netflix Subscription: For only $8.00 a month, Netflix is a great gift idea. As an added bonus, you get the first month for free! Click here to get more information on how to subscribe to Netflix.

4) Surge Protector Power Bars: Something so necessary yet overlooked. Surge Protector Power Bars are needed for almost every household. They are beneficial on so many levels especially when it comes to safety. Here’s a list of many available from Amazon. From as low as $13.39 and up, Surge Protector Power Bars are affordable and important.

5) Universal Remote Controls: A universal remote control makes life more relaxing. You don’t have to fumble through multiple controllers to operate your home theater system. Click here to see what’s available from Amazon.

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