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Home Theater Seating Comfort

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You spend countless hours watching TV and it’s important to have the proper seating where comfort and support play a vital role. If you have read our “Why Choose Elite HTS” page you will see all the benefits of owning our home theater seating. You will also notice our “Comfort” section which details why we have the best home theater seating on the market.

Our chairs are endorsed by Dr. Grant O’ Neill D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic/Ergonomic Workplace Specialist) and we are proud to offer you comfort and support and not just an ordinary home theater chair.

Why our chairs are second to none:

1) The headrest cushion is strategically placed to provide optimum head and neck support while maintaining the best possible viewing angle.

2) The added lumbar support provides excellent support for the lower back. As the body heat warms the chair, the special high quality foam becomes softer and molds and conforms to the occupant.

3) Usually found in Europe’s finest sports cars, our unique “dual- cushion” seat design provides optimum support primarily because body weight is equally transferred and distributed by the two independent cushions. The inner cushion supports the buttocks, while the outer cushion supports and lifts the legs which in turn alleviates pressure on the lower back.

Many people suffer from lower back pain and many do not have the appropriate support. We understand the importance of comfort especially when you are making an investment like this. We spend countless hours watching movies, sporting events, concerts, and home movies in our home theaters and we want to ensure our customers have the comfort they deserve. This is why our chairs are the best home theater seating you will find anywhere.

The video above is a demonstration on how you can customize the chair you want to your specifications. You can do this right here on our website, just click here (also under Models & Colors). We are proud of the craftsmanship done in each and every chair we make. We know you will love it as well.

We always appreciate your comments and feedback so contact through Facebook, Twitter, email or by phone.

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