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Is Your Home Theater A Dedicated Gaming Room?

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Gamers in action Video games have become a big part of popular culture.  Sales in 2011 were between $16.3-$16.6 billion. Gone are the days that the player would jump over barrels in Donkey Kong or shoot robbers in Elevator Action. Gamers of this present day have state of the art gaming systems like Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Wii. Gamers can play alone or play online amoungts numerous players. Gamers have come a long way since the first Atari game Pong was released and more than ever, gaming rooms are a new trend.  Gaming has a rabid fanbase, similar to that of movie fanatics. There are dedicated rooms to nothing but gaming. With the ever growing popularity of gaming, there’s no wonder why home theater’s have crossed over to home gaming theater rooms.

Spiro Razatos of Los Angeles was showcased on the Home & Garden Channel (HGTV) in January of 2011. Spiro has a $1 million game room that comes equipped with a total of twenty four gaming stations, two arcade driving games and a few classic non-video games, (foosball, air hockey, poker & pool table). In the back of his game room is a state of the art, home theater room. His JBL sound system, retailing over $100,000 added to the extravagence of the room. You can watch a clip of his spectacular room here.  Now I’m sure many people cannot afford a $1 million home theater gaming room and for those who cannot, there are so many great ways to make your home theater gaming room perfect to your liking.

Decor is very important to any room in your home.  The living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and home theater rooms all represent the home owner and for a video gaming room, there is no difference. Decorating your room must be done to show you are a gaming  enthusiast.  First and foremost, you need a TV and comfortable furniture. Gamers can play for hours and hours so it’s important to have a comfortable seat.  Any of our lines of chairs would be a great addition to any gaming room.  You will also need shelving to proudly display your collection. This shows just how much you love the art of gaming.  Another important part of any gaming room would be a few posters (nicely framed of course) of your favourite games.  For some it could be Call Of Duty or Final Fantasy Xlll or for those sports enthusiasts gamers, you could decorate your walls with the latest NFL or NHL game posters.

Before you even consider the purpose of your dedicated media room, either home theater or video games, it would be important to figure out if you want a muli-purpose room that can be a home theater room that doulbes as a gaming room or if you want the room to be specific.  An important aspect would be the seating structure. For home theater, you want stadium type seating and with a gaming room, you want the seating to be targeted towards the TV just like the home theater but you also want to think of how the seats will be positioned.  If you have a multi-player game (three and more), the seating has to be correct in order for all players to not have a disadvantage from the screen.  If one person is too far, they may feel like they’re at a disadvantage to win.

A home theater for gaming can be a fun room to have.  Just watch the clip of Spiro’s room and you’ll be convinced on how entertaining it can be.  




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