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Our quest to design the most comfortable theater seats

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Custom chairs enhance the viewing experience

A comfortable seat can be the difference between being fully immersed in your movie or game and being distracted by pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. At Elite, we’ve designed our seats for optimal comfort, so you and your guests can have an enjoyable theater experience every time.

To be sure that our seats would offer the best in comfort and style, we called in the experts. We spent years collaborating with renowned chiropractor Dr. Grant O’Neill to create a chair that provides optimal ergonomic support without sacrificing our sleek styling.

After a lot of fine-tuning, the final creation was the most comfortable theater chair imaginable with features that include:

  • An industry-leading lumbar and upper back support system for maximum comfort while sitting
  • A unique dual cushion system for even weight distribution
  • Customizable armrests with extra width and height available for those who are tall or just want more room
  • Nine different varieties of backrests so you can opt for the support you need in the areas you need it most
  • Whisper-quiet power recline mechanism (with 10-year warranty) for ultimate relaxation
  • Premium, high quality foam that is neither too soft nor too firm; and
  • An optional adjustable headrest that perfectly fits the nape of the neck

Ready to start building your perfectly comfortable home theater? Use our chair builder tool or contact our sales team to find out how you can customize your cinema seats to ensure they fit you and your guests perfectly.

For even more inspiration, visit our gallery, view our layout ideas, or see what our clients are saying about Elite’s luxury home theater seats.



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