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Home Theater Seating Layouts

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Emphasis has been made on the sound system and the TV needed for home theaters yet one of the most important factors tends to be ignored and that is how your home theater furniture layout plays a vital role in the sound of your home theater and the comfort of your home theater experience. If you plan on having a home theater room then comfort, viewing angles, and sound quality should all be of the same level of importance.

Have your seating in between your speakers, directly facing your projection screen or TV. This will give you optimal sound and a proper line of sight. You can see by the diagram on the left that the seating is directly in the middle of both the speakers and the TV. To enlarge the picture just click it.

The size of the room is equally as important.  Too many chairs will result in an inefficient home theater. Sound quality, comfort, and your view will all suffer. We have custom layouts, based on configuration best suited for your needs. To view the straight and curved rows, please click here. Since we are the manufacturer we can also customize any layout configuration so if you see something you want in this diagram, please let us know and we will gladly help. If there is a configuration not listed that you are looking for just let us know and we will make that a reality for you.

The following clip gives you an idea how to place your speakers in your home theater.

Here is another layout configuration detailing the distance needed to get the best results from your home theater experience. We ensure you have enough wall clearance by using the “wall saver” incliner mechanism that only requires 2″-4″ behind the chair. If you have limited space in your home theater, this can be very beneficial. Aisle depth is also important as front reclining chairs are 24″, it is recommended to have rows 30″-40″ in clearance. This is detailed in this picture, just click on the image to enlarge it.

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