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Soundbar Speakers

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Soundbar speakers have become the new trend in home theater equipment. Home theater enthusiasts prefer soundbar speakers because they eliminate a lot of the wiring with 5.1 surround sound systems, they are a space save, less expensive, and you don’t need an AV receiver.

According to CNET, soundbar speakers sound great but not as good as traditional 5.1 surround sound. Last week, CNET’s article titled “Best Soundbars”  listed nine of the most cost effective and best sounding soundbars on the market. Click here to read the article.

View the Harmon/Kardon review by Audioholics.

Everyone agrees that soundbars do not sound as good as your traditional 5.1 surround system but the convenience factor is so attractive that soundbar speakers have risen in popularity. When purchasing a soundbar or if you’re thinking of purchasing one, here is what to look for:

Virtual Surround Sound – Most sound bars produce small beams of sound that bounce off your walls and ceilings. Ensure you have the illusion of surround sound with your soundbar speakers.

Watts – Watts are important for amplified sounds. Dependent on the size of your room and the watts you want, ensure you get what’s best for the size of your home theater.

Subwoofer – You can purchase soundbars with internal subwoofers. If you require more deep bass sounds, an external can be purchased to boost your low end.

Frequency Response  – For lower frequencies like an explosion, gunfire, sound of doors opening or closing, frequency response, measured in hertz, is imperative.

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) – A DSP makes your home theater sound like you have side and rear speakers. Look for soundbars with a DSP

Connectivity – HDMI, RCA, optical, and coaxial digital outputs and inputs will allow you to connect your Blu-ray player, gaming system, PVR/DVR, and other important home theater equipment. The more connectivity options you have, the better for your system.

If you decide to follow this latest home theater trend, ensure you do your research and pick what’s best for your home theater. We recommend reading the reviews done by CNET.

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