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Sports Themed Home Theater Rooms

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With the NHL (National Hockey League) completing its season yesterday with the triumphant win by the Los Angeles Kings, we would like to share some unique and amazing sports themed home theater rooms. Before we begin, we would like to congratulate the LA Kings for winning the Stanley Cup. Their playoff run made history and they should be very proud of their accomplishment.

Sports home theater rooms are very unique and cater to the individual tastes of the home owner. In January 2012, Todd Jensen, a Calgary Flames fan (NHL team), transformed one of the rooms in his house into a perfect hockey themed room. Not only do you see sports memorabilia on the walls, there is a miniature jumbo-tron as well. Just this alone gives you the feeling that you’re in a sports arena watching a live game. With the fourteen foot high ceilings, the jumbo tron doubles as the storage area for the projector which faces the 120″ DaLite screen. The other three sides of the jumbo tron come equipped with 32″ flat screen Samsung TV’s. A 120″ screen, memorabilia, and a jumbo-tron all in one room. We have to say, Todd scored a hat-trick with this one!

Florida Gators Themed Home Theater Room

In Palm Beach, FL, one homeowner transformed a room into a shrine for the Florida Gators (sports teams for the University of Florida). This room caters to both the football and baseball teams. Along the walls you will find autographed balls, jerseys, and trophies. There are four displays with 7.2 channel surround sound and touch panel controls. This homeowner loves this room but the most important element in here is the Dallas Cowboys helmet worm by Emmitt Smith. From a garage to a shrine to the Florida Gators, this homeowner must be proud of his creation. Now that the homeowner has twin babies, he can’t make it out to games like he used to. However, he isn’t upset because now game days are in his own home theater room equipped with a wet bar that comes with an icemaker and two beverage centres.

This next room takes sports themed home theaters to another level…..literally! This Washington Redskins (NFL team), room has Astro-Turf flooring that make you feel like you’re looking at a football field. The best part of this room is the rotating 360 degree platform that gives game watchers a view of the entire room. The Redskins memorabilia includes jerseys and banners, adds an authentic touch to this football themed room. This design is a definite touchdown!

No matter what team or sport you like, any room can be transformed. Could you imagine watching the Euro Cop 2012 in a themed room that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the stadium? The possibilities are endless on what you could do for your room. From state of the art electronics, customized seating, and memorabilia to surround your walls, any idea for any team can be done.



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