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The Crowson TES 100 (Tactile Effects System)

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“The Crowson TES 100 is the next generation of tactile effects for home theater systems. The bass shaker era has ended, and the age of the TES 100 has begun.” – Matthew Washam, Sr. Editor of Home Theater Spot

We are proud to offer, as a premium option, the Crowson TES 100 (Tactile Effects System) to each of our models.  Crowson offers the world’s only audiophile low grade frequency motion.

The Crowson Linear Actuator is placed on the floor, underneath the seat. The actuator expands and contracts to move the chair giving you actual motion, not just a bass vibration. We take it a step further and place the actuator within the arm of the seat to keep it out of sight. The weight of the chair compresses the actuator and your entire seat vibrates once the low frequency sound is detected.

This does not replace your sub-woofer, it enhances the sound.  With the Crowson TES 100, there is no need to put your sub-woofer at maximum capacity. If you live in an apartment you will be subjected to other tenants bass or you will have complaints against your own. This occurs when your sub-woofer is at a maximum capacity in order to feel the vibration. The actuators in the TES eliminate that issue because your chair is directly affected by the motion resulting in a lower bass level for those around. Each chair also has its own volume control.

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