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What do we really mean by “custom” home theater chairs?

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A common question that we field from many of our interior design clients is “how customized can I really make your chairs?” You want to make sure that the home theater you are planning will wow your customers and the chairs play a big role in that experience; they need to match your customers’ style and vision for their home to a “t”. So, what do we mean by saying Elite HTS makes custom home theater chairs? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think.

Elite HTS prides ourselves on being able to bring your custom idea to life. We’ve even taken one of our most popular chair models, the B1, and turned it into a full surround-sound experience for a well-known musical artist’s recording studio; allowing them to immerse themselves in the music. It was one of our most ambitious projects to date, but we were happy to make it happen. Now, while the majority of our customers don’t need a chair with such extensive customization, there are a number of options that are available for them to choose from.

An Ergonomic Modular Design

Every Elite HTS component has been designed with comfort, ergonomics, and durability in mind. Our backrest, seat, arm, and footrests have all been reviewed and approved by Dr. Grant O’Neill, D.C. to ensure that you walk away without any muscle or joint pain, which is common in more cheaply made home theater chairs. What this means for you is that your clients can choose between a range of modular backrest, armrest, and seat styles to make their own custom layout, but we stick within these options because we are confident your customers will love sitting in their chair year after year.

What Kind of Customizations Can I Make?

Beyond our modular design, the custom home theater chairs you create are limited only by your imagination for materials, trims, inlays, stitching and more. However, if you are looking for something truly unique here are a few of the less common requests that really set Elite HTS home theater chairs apart.

Custom Sizing

Do your clients need a custom sized chair? With custom arm, seat, and backrest sizes we can design a chair that fits any body size perfectly. Simply give us height, width, and length requirements and we will make a bespoke seating solution that is flawlessly made to fit.

Custom Configurations

Want something slightly more individualized? Because we build and manufacture each chair by hand, we have the ability to create a seating configuration that matches exactly what your clients are dreaming of. Want a double chaise in the middle of your couch with purple leather and stitching? Done. Want your gaming consoles built into a custom framed table and wrapped in Valentino leather? You bet. Need your seats to match and sound like your new custom supercar? Easy. You get the idea.

Custom 3D Layouts

If you’re not sure how to best fit our chairs into the home theater you are designing, we offer a complimentary 3D layout service to Elite Pro clients that will give a clear picture of the options available to you. We can incorporate multiple rows, chaise seating, a mix of regular seating and cuddle couches, the list goes on. Even if it is an odd-shaped room, we can make it happen. Simply fax or email us a rough sketch of your room with measurements and we can usually provide a detailed 3D layout within 48 hours.

If you are looking to design something of the highest quality that is a truly unique seating solution for your clients’ home theaters, give one of our Elite Concierge staff a call today.


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