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What We Look For in Home Theater Seating

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A home theater is a significant investment and home theater seating consists of many factors that make up a high quality recliner. We pride ourselves in giving our customer the highest quality product.  Here is what to look for when purchasing your home theater seating with Elite HTS.

Total weight of traditional theater chairs are approximately 75 – 100 lbs. Usually this means the chair has been constructed poorly using “thin wall” wood construction. We have the heaviest chairs available weighing in at 152 lbs. Since we use 3/4″ thick wall framing construction and the industrial grade recliner mechanism, our chairs are durable and built to last.

The quality of the foam is important as low quality foam can lose form and support in three months. Foam should be high in density and supportive while still soft and comfortable to use.  We offer soft,medium, and firm foam options in order for you to customize the chair that best suits your needs. Many people suffer from lower back issues so it is of great importance to have lower back lumbar support. You will be sitting in this chair for a lengthy amount of time. It’s best to ensure you are comfortable.

Regular theater seats have a simple reclining system where the seat cushion does not move and the back of the seat reclines.  Significant wall clearance is required for these seats. Look for a wall hugger,  A wall hugger moves the seat cushion down and forward while the seat back reclines backwards Only 4″ of clearance space is needed with this system. Ensure the recliner mechanism is of high quality by its thick steel arms, reinforced steel bracing, and a smooth reclining motion.  Poorly designed reclining mechanisms are the total opposites.

Low quality theater chairs are made with cheap materials. Rejected plywood/wood and regular nails that aren’t strong or thick enough will give a theater chair a short life. We use a combination of fitted joints, screws, and glue to construct our frames. Since most arms are reinforced near the base, they can crack and break at the joint which will cause the arm to become shaky.  We reinforce the arms of our chairs at the highest point we possibly can to prevent any cracking or shaking.

Warranty within the industry runs from one to two years.  We have a ten year warranty program to ensure our customers are taken care of for many years after their purchase.  Since home theater seating is an investment, we ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. While purchasing your home theater seating, please follow these important elements to ensure you get the highest quality product you deserve.

Currently, we have a sale on our Model C1-M series.  Please click the image to the left to view these chairs and their specifications. For More Information, or to Place an Order, Please e-mail [email protected] or call 604-575-8310 for Express Service. Wholesale Discounts Available to Authorized Re-Sellers. To Request an Authorized Re-Seller Application, please e-mail [email protected] or Call 604-575-8310 for Express Service.



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